Why did you make these notebooks?

I bought a notebook that was fluorescent orange on the outside and on its edges. I was so excited to crack it open and see if drawing and thinking in a bright space would change my thinking.

I tore off the shrink wrap and opened the book to find a white dot grid page. I was immediately sad for a number of reasons.

  1. Shrink wrap, while protective of the notebook, is not protective of the Earth.
  2. This notebook lured me in with it's bright exterior only to betray me?! WHY!?
  3. I have a background in design, I could make this real if I wanted to.
  4. I found some bright colored notebooks but they all had cheesy words inside, or branding on the outside. I want a notebook. Not some other companies swag.

So, I worked on some prototypes and worked with a bud who has more experience with print than I do, and we made them real!


Why are these notebooks perforated anyways?

A few reasons.

1. We wanted to use no single use plastics for the notebook itself, and this presented us a way to do that by sealing each notebook as an individual unit we could distribute.

2. The experience of opening these notebooks was important in accepting that you're starting something new. The perforation isn't a perfect cut, because these notebooks aren't meant to be perfect. They're meant to be used. So please put them to use.


How do I open these notebooks?

The correct way would just be to use your index finger to slowly cause the perforations to tear on one side, then gently follow that side peeling apart both sides.

The videos below show you two ways to open it.

This is how you should open this. I would recommend the following, but I wanted to make this video for fun anyways.


How long does it take to fulfill my order?

I'm a one person operation, so unless anything wild is happening I try to ship inventory off the day of the order, or the following day. If you run into any issues with expectations shoot an email over to mark@budbud.co


Where are these notebooks made?

Manufactured in the good ol' state of Oklahoma, and distributed from my home in Brooklyn, NY.