3 Primary ColorPair Notebooks


3 Primary ColorPair Notebooks

• 1 Red Exterior, Blue Interior
• 1 Yellow Exterior, Red Interior
• 1 Blue Exterior, Yellow Interior


48 Pages
3.5" x 5"


What's a ColorPair Notebook? Outside: One color. Inside: Another color.

Why would you buy these notebooks instead of other notebooks?

Two reasons.
1. They're colorful inside and out.
2. They're sealed and perforated so you get a fresh outlook on life every time you open one.

How do you open these buddies? The edge is perforated on two sides. It's up to you how you want to open it. You can slowly tear and peel the perforated edge off by hand, grab an X-acto blade and technically cut from each cut to the next, but ultimately it's up to you bud.